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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My HG Gundam Double X 1/144 (Original Bandai) #1

Hello there, it's been awhile. Though I've had more than a few experiences with model kits since I was a kid and growing up, I'd like to consider this as my start in "serious" Gunpla building. Back then we didn't have those cool paint markers, or panel pens and kits didn't normally snap on (we used those horrible cements that if mishandled, would glue your fingers like modern day super glue), we used nail cutters or just plain cutters to get our plastic parts separated from the sprue and availability was not as prevalent today.


Which brings me to my first project (since I passed my MG zeta to a friend) and have more or less the basic tools and pens for the job. The HG Gundam Double X (1/144).

Now there are several reason's why I chose this kit, one is that Sprue Cutter said it was a challenge to build and customize 1/144 scale models and since he's been doing this more frequently and more recently than me, I'd have to say "its probably true", another is that I really loved the Gundam X anime (since after Double Zeta I basically went on hiatus in the Gundam world and this was what I watched after I surfaced.) Also, the mobile suit looks really good and it's arsenal isn't something to laugh about, not to mention the green beam sabers and green chest area looks different and catchy. Lastly, this was on sale so I couldn't really resist :)

It also came with a free with a Gundam Customize Kit (Bazooka) so, it was an easier choice to make, vs a Real Grade Zeta or RX-78-2 which was more than twice the amount.

Aside from the manual and a leaflet, the box came with these 9 frames, two had the same designation "B" since they are basically the same. I wasn't expecting a ton of parts but apparently HG doesn't offer a lot in terms of parts.

Since I'll be working on this after my work and in between sleeping. It won't be coming in as fast as I'd like it to be, but I have a plan on what to do with the kit, basically putting parts together and panel lining them as I go along and instead of the foil stickers, I was planning on using the Gundam Markers I got, luckily I have a gold marker that would be a good replacement for the gold foil. Hopefully things will come out as good as I hope it would, smaller models with my not so petite fingers and shaky hands might not mix as well.

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