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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finally! My Transformers Classics Jetfire & Grimlock

Hey there, Kervs here, as a "collector" of Transformers, I'll be focusing on Transformer figures and maybe wide angling on to other transforming mecha later on. Also (as a warning) there may be things that hardcore collectors will cringe at when they read my posts so its better to be warned than not, which brings me to one of my latest hauls and long time dream toy, Classics Jetfire (also known as Skyfire in the Transformers G1 animated series).

Very G1 cartoon in looks and headsculpt is almost dead on!

Being late in the game has it's perks, I get to choose the figures I want and am not exactly forced into buying every iteration of every character (I like) in the hopes of getting what I wanted (or buying a new figure and selling the old one) as I generally have a one figure per character policy with some exceptions (we'll get to that later).

And from checking every release of Skyfire/Jetfire thus far, I've decided that it's Classics for me! (Henkei is technically more cartoon accurate but finding one at an affordable price is another story). Finding an affordable one was really hard (they go for around 4k Php or around $93) and getting it was a major score when this beauty became available via private seller.

The box was magnanimous by current TF Voyager boxes standards.
The box alone gave you an indication how special they were with a fold over cover kept in place by a velcro strip. And opening it would give you something you probably haven't seen in a long time, a popup image of the two. ^_^

Granted the images are not in scale with the actual figure inside, it's pretty awesome to look at and at the back is the usual stats for each Transformer.

They didn't spare the plastic on Jetfire for sure!
Finally uncovering their crystal plastic jail would expose all their parts, Jetfire comes with a gun (that splits in half) two arm launchers (the rocket/bullet is in the instructions booklet at the bottom right) and the HUGE booster rocket backpack. Grimlock, while I love the guy to bits, gets an archaic looking rocket gun with bayonet (non detachable) and his tailwhip as hands on accessories.

Firepower and then some

The figure itself is pretty amazing, you got the original G1 toy looks with the helmet on (he originally looked like a VF-1) and the actual G1 cartoons head without it. His articulation is pretty good, lots of ratchety joints (which are kinda scary since they're pretty tight) as few figures could pull off a kneeling pose. With his jetpack he's a bit back heavy but pointing his guns forward helps with balancing. His feet maintain the almost VF-1 looks, it's pointed instead of square which helps in poseability since it's not on ball joints. His arms rotate below the elbow, which is weird and prevents some poses but it's not disastrous. My only kibble is that the wings on the back can make him look like a butterfly (as in the picture) - Tinkerbell anyone?

Jetfire's scale may be a head smaller than current voyager class figures but he compensates with extras!
He's big enough to play with the bad boys of cybertron and pretty proportionate all around, his light piping is not the best and with his helmet on it's not that visible, the Grimlocks though seem to have them in spades, classics Grimlock pretty much glows (one of his finer points) and Blitzwing... yes, he looks on with envy.

Overall, Jetfire is a pretty awesome figure and one that meshes the old G1 cartoons with the G1 toy. He's pretty much dead on with the current IDW comics too, has great accessories and weaponry, plus he's quite poseable, which makes him for me a 9/10 toy. A definite must have for both collectors and boys who plays with toys! And for the ones who wish to re-sell their figures later on for profit, he was made in 2006, and has not been made since so there's money there for sure. There is some new (same mold) Jetfires being distributed in Asia along with the re-issue of Masterpiece Grimlock that I saw on BigBadToyStore, I'm not sure if its the Henkei version or the Classics but if you don't have a Jetfire and an MP Grimlock, there;s your chance (Yes, I'm free plugging but maybe in the future I could get something out of this hahaha - crosses fingers)

-- Till next time!

I'm a self confessed late "collector" of Transformers (and other similar robot themed figures) though I had various toys (including The Transformers), scale models and "classic" robot toys like Voltes V, UFO Grendizer, Mechander and the like when I was growing up (I don't have them anymore and I won't discuss my painful toy separation coming of age stories here - its a happy place).

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